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I love this :-D Makes me giggle. This tree ornament is an acorn, decorated with a Santa hat and a yarn beard. Very quick to make and really cute :-)

Purl stitch - the way I was taught :-)

I did this video to show my knitting-wise friend how I learnt to purl :-) For some reason a lot of people viewed this on youtube, so I figured I might as well post it here too if someone would happen to find it useful :-) I don't talk in the video, so no Danish to confuse the English speaking ;-) Later we found out that this purl technique is often called Finnish purl.

Zauber shawl

I accidentally bought 2 skeins of Schoppelwolle Zauberball Single Tropical Fish, because it's just the prettiest yarn ever <3 When I tried to find a worthy project for it, this simple shawl (or wrap) popped up in my head :-)

Thora's baby cardigan

My friends breed endlessly ;-) Which means there's always a new present to knit. This one is a seamless hooded sweater with raglan sleeves and a beautiful braided cable pattern all down the front, from the top of the hood.

Santa beard

This beard is an essential part of a Santa costume Smile Here you see my own Santa, who needs the beard for dressing up on Christmas and handing out all the presents Wink

An Aran for Aksel


I made this aran for my nephew for Christmas and finally I have the pattern written down. The size is still only for 18 months, but I'm hoping to adjust it for other sizes some day.

Crocheted toy eyes

This pattern is for 3 varieties of toy eyes :-) I often make toys for my boys, and I really don't like using plastic eyes for various reasons. That's why I made these eyes, which can be used for most types of toys (or garments). They're also great for replacement eyes, in case toy chewing pets eats the original eyes on teddies ;-)


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