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This year's Christmas presents

Okay, so I know this is last minute if this is going to help anyone LOL But here goes.

This year's homemade presents:

Lacy cowl for my grandmother. She sleeps with a shawl because she gets cold around her neck, so I thought a cowl would be good. I love this pattern, and it forced me to learn how to read charts, which I'm enjoying a lot. Bonus: It only takes one skein of Semilla.
Shawl for my other grandmother. I'm not sure she really needs a shawl, but I just so adore the candle flame shawl, and who couldn't use one of those, right? I used 2½ skeins of Drops Alpaca, gorgeous dark blue with a green thread.
A Cthulhu dice bag for a geek I know ;-) I made him a crocheted Cthulhu a while back so this is very fitting. Haven't bought the yarn yet.
My mother wanted to make cuddly presents for the boys, so Falk is finally getting a Totoro :-) He will love it dearly. Bjørn is getting an owl, one of his favourite birds. You're never too old for cuddly toys :-)  
Ears for an elf :-) Bjørn has wanted a pair of these since I made a set for his father :-D Left over tan cotton yarn.
Knitted and felted tablet cover for a Nexus 7 that Falk is getting. I don't have a pattern yet but I'll just knit a bag and embroider his name on it, and perhaps a heart on the back :-) Haven't bought the yarn yet. I'll post a pattern when I've made it :-)  


The ones I won't have time for before Christmas: rainbow striped wrist warmers for a rainbow loving lady, and a hooded scarf for a lady who's cold :-)


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