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Totoro cover for your tablet

This bag was a Christmas present for my youngest. He desperately wanted a Nexus tablet which the whole family chipped in for :-) It is knit and then felted, with Totoro's face sewn on. In the pattern, I describe how to adapt the pattern to your specific tablet dimensions based on a felted gauge swatch. You can also use the pattern as a base for whichever personalization, you should like - it doesn't have to be Totoro, it could be cars or Star Wars or whatever your little one or yourself would like :-)

Click the image below to download the pdf file. Hope you'll like it :-)


pdf link



When I click on the link it reads 'page not found'  I would like to get the pattern , could you tell me what I might be doing wrong?

Sorry, Rozi - the link was faulty, but it should be working properly now :-) Hope you'll like it!


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