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Thora's baby cardigan

My friends breed endlessly ;-) Which means there's always a new present to knit. This one is a seamless hooded sweater with raglan sleeves and a beautiful braided cable pattern all down the front, from the top of the hood.

Note: I have just added info on alternative closure and edging!

Download the pattern pdf by clicking the image below.

thoras pdf















looking for baby stuff to knit

Hi Jamie,

Well, this would fit that description :-) I hope you'll like it, if you decide to make it!

I am using this for a cable pattern, however, I am fonding that i like this pattern as a whole.


Looks good pattern for grandchild to be


Hi, Is there an errata for this pattern?

Apparently I've had problems with comments - sorry for the atrocious response time! No, no errata. What did you experience?


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