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Sun hats for little ones, and bigger ones :-)

Now that spring is here and we need to think about sun protection soon, I wanted to show you the sun hats I made last year :-) I came across this pattern for a sun hat and immediately made these very popular hats for all my boys ;-)


They're very easy to make and only require very small amounts of fabric, making them perfect for left over bits and upcycling :-)

The pattern recommends using a layer of interfacing between the 2 layers in the brim. I used fusible interfacing on both layers, because I felt it wasn't very rigid, and in addition I also made the inside fabric layer of the brim the same heavy fabric as the outside. I used an old denim skirt for one of the hats, and some rather heavy green canvas for the others. The lining was a thin linen in a different shade of the hat colour :-)

The pattern fit my children perfectly so I didn't change a thing. But for my husband's hat I hat to modify, of course, which is very simple. Measure around the head first to find out how long the band needs to be, and then adjust the size of the top. You might want to make it somewhat elongated instead of round for adults. Finally adjust the size of the brim, so the inner curve is about half the length of the band.

Please ask if these adjustments need a better explanation :-)


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