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Slouchy Candle flame hat

This is just the loveliest hat I've ever made <3 It's made using the beautiful Candle Flame stitch pattern, from the wonderful shawl by the same name by Dean Crane. My mum asked for a warm and slouchy hat for the cold season, and the Candle Flame came to mind - now I simply have to have one for myself :-)

It's knit with 2 strands of Semilla by BC Garn wool yarn (DK weight) on US size 6 needles and the brim is doube, so it's really warm and thick :-) I used almost 3 skeins of Semilla (50g/160m). The pattern is for a head circumference of 22 ", but it stretches enough to fit head sizes on both sides of this measurement - and there are directions for adjusting the pattern if you need it to be larger or are using other yarns/needle sizes and have a different gauge.

NB. I've added photo tutorials for increases and decreases, as some found them confusing.

Download the pattern pdf by clicking the image below.


Thank you for the lovely pattern.  I can't wait to cast on ;)  

You're welcome, and thank you :-) I just made one for myself - it's not often I do the same thing twice, but I just love this :-)

I am so excited to find a hat pattern with the candle flame! I can't wait to get it started. Thank you so much for making it free, too :-)

My pleasure :-) If you like wristwarmers, come back for a pattern using the candle flame stitch soon (I'll have it out within a week or 2). I'll put it on Ravelry, of course.

I am perplexed with the first row of the pattern. It requires 17 stitches (by my count) and there are only 16 per pattern, and I end up with not enough stitches to complete the round. If I do a single decrease, rather than the double, it would work, however, I am concerned that that might mess things up down the road. I have torn this out three times now. Please advise...

Hi Toni, the pattern repeat does only require 16 sts. There's a double decrease and a double increase in each repeat. Can you tell me how you do it?

I am unable to open the candle flame  stitch hat pattern.  Any suggestions?

Sorry, we just moved the site and there was a problem with the address for the file - it should work now :-)

I too love the flame pattern, you said you had done a shawl with the pattern.  Would it be possbile to get that from you.   I am going to try the hat very pretty. 

Thanks, Sharon :-) There is a link at the top to the shawl pattern by Dean Crane. Hope you'll like both!

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