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Nine - Frankenstein's cat

Meet Ni - Frankenstein's cat :-) He's made from small amounts of yarn, fiber filling and small pieces of felt, and uses pipe cleaners for head, leg and tail support.

Some time ago a very special girl turned 5 years old and I wanted to give her a homemade present. When her mum told me she desperately wanted Nine, the cat from the book about Frankenstein's Cat by Curtis Jobling, I just had to make it :-)


This is how he is in the book :-) They don't come any cuter :-D

I love making these kinds of things using crochet, because it's so easy to shape. At the top you see my version of him, and I have to say I think he's just adorable :-)

He might not be a great beginner project, unless of course you are the extremely patient sort of beginner, but there are video links and explanations for everything.

Download the pattern pdf by clicking the image below.





















Many thanks for this beautifully designed rendition of Nine!  My grandson will love it in his Christmas stocking!

Thank you :-) And you're so welcome :-)

thank you very much for the pattern of nine!!!

i love it!!!!!


Thanks, I'm glad :-)

Hi Maisha

I we would like to ask about the pattern on Nine - Frankenstein's cat, but it reports an error, you are sweet to send me a copy.
Thank you, Lise-Lotte
google translate


Oh, sorry, I guess the problem with the pdf files is back :-( I will have it up again in a few hours - if you still can't get to it, I will send you a copy, of course :-)

can I get a copy of the pattern of your Frankenstein's Cat by Curtis Jobling,

I think it is aborable I think my son will love him I am trying to order the book to go with it for christmas   :)

Thanks :-) Of course - you just click the image above to download the pdf file. Let me know if you have problems. I'm sure your son will love the book as well :-)

thank you very much for the email

I followed your directions & was able to download the pattern  :)

Great, have fun making it :-)


I am having problems downloading the pdf file for Nine, could you sent it to me please.  I have a friend who's little girl would love this for Christmas, it is adorable and I have been searching all over the internet for a good pattern and your's looks amazing.  Thank you

Are you perhaps missing a programme to download it, Heather? It seems to work for me. If so, I can email it to you :-) Thanks, I hope she'll like it!


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