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Baby booties


These booties are knit in the round in one pice - no sewing and no picking up stitches, because I really hate doing either myself :-D

This pattern assumes you know how to use magic loop and Turkish cast-on, but trust me - these techniques are so useful you'll want to know them anyway if you don't already ;-)

Christine73 has done a marvellous French translation of the pattern - thanks!


Click on the image below to download the pdf for free.





I love your patterns.  I tried to open the free pattern for the baby booties and it won't let me see the pattern.  What pops up is an X with a camera behind it.  Not sure what that means.  Could you please help me.  Thank you, would really like the pattern.  Thank you.  Carol

Thanks, Carol, so glad you like them :-) It was me! It's fixed now - let me know if it still doesn't work or if you have questions about the pattern :-)

It works, thanks! Very cute patetrn!

Thanks :-)

Hi, Maisha! I can't open the english pdf! Will you please help me? Thanks!

Hi Wanda Lucia, do you need a pdf viewer to see if, maybe? The file is fine here. If you don't have it, I recommend installing Acrobat Reader: Let me know if it's still a problem!


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