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Baby booties

These booties are knit in the round in one pice - no sewing and no picking up stitches, because I really hate doing either myself :-D

Totoro cover for your tablet

This bag was a Christmas present for my youngest. He desperately wanted a Nexus tablet which the whole family chipped in for :-) It is knit and then felted, with Totoro's face sewn on. In the pattern, I describe how to adapt the pattern to your specific tablet dimensions based on a felted gauge swatch. You can also use the pattern as a base for whichever personalization, you should like - it doesn't have to be Totoro, it could be cars or Star Wars or whatever your little one or yourself would like :-)

A window of many colours

Jeg bliver så glad, når jeg kommer ud i mit køkken <3 Jeg har længe ønsket mig et gardin, der kunne skærme lidt udefra (har køkkenvindue ud til stien), og det måtte gerne være noget fint, med masser af farver :-) Så jeg blev mægtig glad, da jeg fandt mønstret på disse smukke blomster og ideen til at bruge dem som gardin. Dertil kom så planteophæng og bånd til det store gardin, som jeg selv fandt på (stort set ;-)).

Wheat free waffles or pancakes

We loooove waffles or pancakes in the morning :-) Lots of protein and particularly fats to start your day. Recently I started making them like this. They can be completely gluten free if you buy certified oats - ask your health food store. Of course, you could also buy gluten free types of flour, like amaranth or buck wheat (although not everyone likes the taste of that).

Hair removal - sugaring

If you buy into the idea that women are supposed to be velvety soft and completely hair free, you might - if you're like me - either get hurt or lose a lot of money ;-) But there is an easy way, with an ancient product you can make yourself from things you probably already have on your kitchen shelves - sugaring.

Pom pom Dust Bunny and some Totoro links :-)

At the moment, My Neighbour Totoro is a big hit in my house :-) And a giant Totoro teddy to snuggle with is no. one on the Birthday wish list. Right now, though, I need to work from my stash for financial reasons ;-) So I'll start out with the smallest thing - a dust bunny :-) It takes about 10 minutes to make, and children can do some of the work themselves.

ZX Spektrum hat

The ZX Spektrum hat - for the geek turning 40 ;-) It is made with worsted weight wool yarn on 4 mm needles, and due to the diagonal stripes it's knit flat and seamed at the back.


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